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We are an interior design studio focused specially in babies, toddlers and kids spaces, helping parents to create their kid’s first universe to give confidence to the little ones and share time together, according to this first and precious step in their lives.

We do custom made interior designs for babies and kids spaces around South Florida, and online designs and consultations across the world.


To create unique, beautiful and functional rooms to give confidence to the little ones, making magic things happen for them and their parents, according to the first and blessed step in their lives as well as all kids stages.


To be recognized as a global interior designers brand, with strategic associates around the world, providing a high quality service and unique design for babies, toddler and kids spaces.


BabyKoncept today is the result of a dream that emerged many years ago. It is a personal brand that has been growing and maturing, which began focusing only on spaces for babies, but now also on children. 

It is the result of a drawn-out goal, accomplished through discipline and great perseverance, since its founder Onelia Lopez de Sierraalta, moved from Caracas, Venezuela to Miami, US. 

Onelia is an Interior designer, daughter of immigrant parents who, since they were very young, discovered a passion for wood, fabrics, textures, colors, and shapes.  She used to play in her parents furniture factory, creating miniature furniture and dolls. She married Luis Sierraalta, a medical doctor by profession, with whom she saw those dreams came true, and her brand became an ally for every future mom in the United States and  Latin America.

BabyKoncept has been transformed, from an idea to a dream, and from a dream to reality, and today it is an example of entrepreneurship, in the City of Miami, for many new concepts, because it has certified interior design team with a professional experience learned through their studies and practice, for more than 20 years combined with technology, the most sophisticated design programs, and worldwide trends. In 2019, BabyKoncept includes to the team, the interior designer Claudia Pérez Sanabria, who brings even more excellence with experience. Postgraduate in Milan and in the US, and now she is Onelia and Luis’ partner. Granddaughter of the emblematic and recognized Venezuelan Architect Tomas Jose Sanabria, also passionate about lines, shapes, colors, and architecture. Now, She is the perfect match to combine two dreamers open paths with firm steps. 

Today we are growing with our own lines, and the best products on the market to please parents to create the first universe not only for their babies, but for all their children too.  That’s why now BabyKoncept is written with “K” because it is for all babies, toddler and children too!  Welcome, let us do the best job for you, it will be a pleasure to be part of this adventure! 

Onelia López
de Sierraalta


BabyKoncept’s founder. 
She is a certified interior designer, graduated in 2001 at the IDC Venezuela. She is specialized in furniture and children spaces decor.

Onelia López



BabyKoncept’s Co-founder.
Onelia Lopez’s husband.
He is the Manager, and Marketing Team Leader, International relations and franchise business.

Luis Sierraalta

Pérez Sanabria


BabyKoncept´s interior designer and illustrator. Graduated in 2001 from IDC Venezuela and Ai Ft Lauderdale. Degree in SDP Milano, Italy. She is specialized in furniture design and decor.

Claudia Pérez

Let's create the space you dream for your baby together. We know what you need to design their unique and functional first universe.

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We do custom made interior designs for babies and kids spaces around South Florida, online designs and consultations across the world.

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